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Minaibim Harry was born at first in Buguma, on May 20, 1965 paperwritings. He started his primary education at his paternal hometown of Obuama, in the Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State but completed it in his maternal birthplace of Ido, in the Asari-Toru Local Government Area of the same State. He proceeded to obtain his secondary school education at St. Aquinasai??i?? Secondary School, Elele, Rivers State. At first, obtaining a university education did not seem possible, from a practical standpoint, because of the humble background of his parents. However, Minaibim Harry was not a person to be stopped by difficulties. So after five long years of academic lull he took a bold step and got a university admission in 1987. Sadly, he was forced to withdraw after barely two months for lack of money and help. However, he bounced back with unrelenting determination in the following year and bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, in 1992.

This was only possible because in the desperation to get a university education, the determined Harry had gone around begging for help from total strangers many of whom naturally turned him down until he met Prof. Tonye Johnarry who magnanimously accepted to sponsor him and actually did! Receiving such a rare act of benevolence affected Minaibim Harry strongly and has caused him to joyfully and consistently provide similar academic support to many indigent children who stand where he once stood. Mr. Harry is also a man who values human life seriously and provides consistent medical support to many who need medical help but are limited financially.

Interestingly, twenty-eight years after his first birth in 1965, Mr. Harry was later born again on October 1, 1993 in Benin City during his National Youth Service. This miraculous experience changed everything! He pursued Christ with all available fervency and thirst and in a few years he grew to become a pastor. Currently, he serves as the Senior Pastor of New Eden Worship Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. As a passionate advocate of peace and love, he has sought and used every opportunity to contribute to the building of a peaceful and equitable society. His relentless quest for peace and harmonious coexistence amongst people led him to found Minaibim Harry Global Peace Initiative (a platform for achieving local and global peace through justice and understanding) which he coordinates as President.

Before resigning his appointment for pastoring in 2006, Minaibim Harry had practiced as an accountant in the private sector for about thirteen years. Much of his managerial prowess was garnered at MultiChoice Nigeria Limited, a successful multinational company, where he managed and supervised scores of employees within the Head Office and across the six branches of the company. While there, he attended many managerial programmes both within and outside Nigeria. In addition, his crave for continuous self-development forced him to be an avid reader and student of almost every notable author on management and leadership. However, his astute leadership competence was and has been continuously honed through his role and activities as Senior Pastor. The church is one place where all levels of people first buy into the pastor before buying into his message and thus voluntarily submit and support without fear, threats or official coercion!

Mr. Harry is also a prolific writer and author. His books: The Extraordinary Believer, The Man to Love and The Woman to Love have continued to inspire authentic Christian living. However, and perhaps, his recent seminal book, My Beloved Country, which seeks the healing and preservation of Nigeria and also casts a compelling Nigerian Dream has remained the most successful and talked about! He loves Nigeria with an undying passion and dreams of a day when ai???even our very name, NIGERIA, will be an aptly fitting acronym for ai???the New International Giant Emerging Rapidly In Africa!ai??i?? Then, with one voice, all Nigerians can proudly say: We are the citizens of a great nation with unlimited opportunities for prosperity where supremacy of life is entrenched and everyone is given equal opportunities to pursue and attain their personal dreams, in a society governed by the rule of law and which guarantees freedom and justice for (Excerpted from My Beloved Country)

There are other interesting sides of Mr. Harry beyond academics, work, worship and writing. Perhaps, pledging to observe the tenets of taekwondo regularly during his taekwondo sessions actually instilled humility, modesty, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit in him. He habitually looks calm and often walks quietly but is as solid as steel, brisk like a cat and can defend himself against any aggressor, using just leg and hand techniques. He is also a player and lover of volleyball and scrabble. For chess, it is the third love of his life. Fondly called Tactical by his chess colleagues, Harry is unarguably one of the best brains Nigerian chess has ever produced. He is a master tactician and strategist: Two qualities which endow him with thoroughness, attention to detail, proactive response and rare fecundity!

Harry is married to Enoh and their union is blessed with wonderful children.