Books My Beloved Country [ Book ]

My Beloved Country [ Book ]


Ai??Thoughts onAi??Healing & Preserving NigeriaAi??


My Beloved Country is written as my little contribution toward nation building and to serve as a seminal book upon which better authors may build. It is also expected to provoke meaningful national discourse that would move Nigeria forward.

Fellow Nigerians, there is no more time. Nigeria must change urgently or break inevitably. I hope that this book moves you to contribute to the urgent positive change needed to heal and preserve my beloved country!


Minaibim Harry is a clergy man so it is no surprise that this book is both a personal reflection as well as a prophecy for the nation. Therefore, his thoughts on healing and preserving Nigeria will serve those who seek a proper understanding of our country and some of the challenges that have for decades held us back from fulfilling what many in the Christian fold (to which the author belongs) would describe as our manifest destiny.

From the romantic title, ai???My Beloved Countryai???, it is easy to see that this is the work of a patriot who believes that notwithstanding our challenges, Nigeria is far greater than the sum of its parts. Yet Rev. Harry speaks to the readers in a manner that shows very clearly that the nation has tough choices to make in the days, weeks, months, years and decades ahead. And it begins with whether or not President Goodluck Jonathan should seek re-election in 2015. Of course the author has a say on that as a concerned Nigerian and has put forward many impressive constitutional arguments as well as other helpful personal suggestions.

Arranged in no particular order, perhaps because the chapters were written at different periods on sundry national issues, this book depicts the different faces and phases of corruption in our country, what constitutes the Nigerian dreamai??i??even if aspirationalai??i??and the failure of leadership at practically all levels not only within the public space but also in the private sector. But the author is not an armchair critic as he proffers his own solution for each of the problems he identified while pin pointing multiple socio-political malaises that we need to resolve as we grapple with the challenge of equity in a plural society. Indeed, there is a motivational element to his thesis which makes the book particularly compelling.

However, while Rev. Harry sees a nation with endless possibilities, he argues rather forcefully that if we continue to mismanage our resources and opportunities, the consequences for Nigeria would be devastating hence his slogan-like warning for the nation: change or break! It is a heartfelt cry that should be heeded by those who love our country, as much as the author does.

Olusegun Adeniyi
16th September 2014

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