My mission is to radically develop Rivers State and empower our people!
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I seek earnestly to bring unlimited progress to my dear state. By the special grace of God and with the exceeding favour and goodwill I am sure to receive from Rivers voters, when I become the next Governor, I will clothe all Rivers indigenes and residents with unprecedented human dignity! This is my solemn pledge.

I am going to redefine governance as primarily a vehicle for driving rapid development. Specifically, within the first one year of becoming Governor, my government will move immediately to:

ai??? Create 5,000 jobs for unemployed Rivers indigenes/residents (including assistance to persons who would like to start their own businesses),

ai??? Support 5,000 entrepreneurs to expand their existing businesses,

ai??? Register 5,000 Rivers indigenes/residents for healthcare,

ai??? Enroll 5,000 indigent persons in schools (primary to tertiary),

ai??? Liaise with the federal government and the international community to facilitate the complete cleanup of Ogoniland and the full implementation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report,

ai??? Seek an amicable/effective way of reclaiming the lost oil wells of Rivers

ai??? Commence the process of moving Rivers State from a one-city State to a seven-city status (I desire to radically upgrade Bori, Ahoada, Bonny, Omoku, Degema and Okrika and connect all seven cities, including Port Harcourt, to a superhighway road network.),

ai??? Reduce Rural Urban Migration by providing jobs for rural dwellers and ensuring the full enjoyment of social amenities by them (Resources will be utilized in developing the Local Government Areas where they are

ai??? Provide Social Security for ALL vulnerable people in Rivers State.


My team will work with urgency to improve the lives of our people. It is pertinent to mention that these are just some urgent/necessary welfare interventions my government will hurriedly commence, shortly after coming on board. But beyond that, I will execute the complete Progress Agenda described below.




My government will serve our state through the Progress Agenda which aims to achieve radical development and unlimited progress. We will achieve that through visionary leadership and equitable utilization of state resources.

The agenda will cover the following seven major areas:

1. Security

Let me warn that insecurity cannot be defeated in Rivers State for as long as we have a violent Governor. To speak peace publicly but plot violent attacks or assassinations against others will always leave us with insecurity. No one can give what he does not have: Only someone who has genuine peace in his heart can give peace to his state. I am a peaceful man and from the abundance of peace in my heart I promise to give Rivers people genuine peace! I shall not order the violent attack or murder of anyone while in Government House, if you graciously vote for.

The insecurity currently plaguing Rivers State is caused mainly by violence in the hearts of men, avoidable political conflict/rivalry, kidnapping and other violent crimes. When elected, my government will provide maximum security for all Rivers indigenes and residents by forging unity and peaceful coexistence amongst our people. We will also combat and defeat kidnapping, armed robbery and other violent crimes.

I plan to create security clusters/zones to achieve this. I have a dream to turn Rivers State into the Security Capital of Nigeria: To build Rivers into the model state in terms of safety and security!! As a first step toward achieving my vision of maximum security, my government will establish a company to be known as Rivers Internal Security Company (RISCOM). This company will start with an initial minimum of 3,000 employees and will work collaboratively with partners in the Police, Armed Forces, Directorate of State Security, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, private security companies, etc. to achieve its objective.

As we know, unemployment is also a major contributor to insecurity. Therefore I believe the menace would be further reduced through the 5,000 jobs I intend to create immediately I resume as Governor and the continuous job creation my government will be famous for.

2. Health Care

I believe in the sanctity and supremacy of human life! Nobody should die because of the inability to pay for medical treatment and by the grace of God my government will adopt a well-thought-out Medical Policy that would provide ALL Rivers people and residents with proper medical cover! Beyond that, I am determined to make Rivers State the new hub for medical tourism from other parts of Nigeria and Africa. I mean that Nigerians would no longer need to travel to India, South Africa, etc. for medical treatment because we would provide what they have been travelling out to get!

My government will ensure that everyone residing in Rivers State is registered for healthcare and can access a hospital or medical centre within ten to twenty minutes of need. Where government hospitals are unavailable, special arrangements would be made with private hospitals and clinics to serve the people for the mutual benefit of the government, the people and the private hospital owners. Mobile Clinics will also be provided to guarantee full health cover for the entire state.

3. Housing

My government will take housing very seriously. For instance, civil servants who have served our State faithfully for long periods without having their own homes should celebrate because my government will embark on a special housing scheme for them, starting from those who have served the longest. A similar housing scheme for others outside the civil service will also be embarked upon. Perhaps, more interesting is that rent payment and collection in Rivers State will be made easier. I have worked out an ingenious system which allows for house owners to be paid promptly while tenants pay monthly. (House owners would not be paid monthly!) This will eliminate the problem of unpaid rent and the consequent

4. Education

My government will improve educational standards by recruiting the best hands for the job, training and retraining them and also complying with international best practice. We will also ensure that all children have equal opportunities to receive the highest level of education, irrespective of their family background. I believe this is important because the greatest resources God has given us, as a state, are not our natural resources but our people. As we may know, oil will dry up one day but our people will never dry up. Therefore, my government will invest vigorously in our people. We will not ignore our indigenes by waiting for every family to provide the needs of their children. Rather, we will play active roles in the training and development of every Rivers child, from birth to adulthood. This is the only way to ensure that every Rivers child grows to become a resource entity much richer than the value of oil and gas. My government will achieve this vision through a programme called Oil to People!

Under this programme, we will be interested in every indigeneai??i??s welfare, development and total success. We shall be shifting our focus from oil to our people because they will bring more riches to the state than oil, if we invest very well in them! People usually have no difficulty in being patriotic to a source they know is interested in them and has invested in them. So we are confident that as we invest in our people from birth and all through life, they will all become greatly successful financially and will willingly give back to the system that nurtured them, through taxes and job creation for others, so that more people would be You will appreciate the full significance of this vision when you bring into perspective the fact that the three richest people in the world did not get their wealth through oil and gas; neither did the richest countries in the world attain their statuses through natural resources. If anything, natural resources as gifts of nature often foster mental laziness on the people who receive them and trigger needless conflicts. This is the malaise my government will prevent, when you give me the

5. Economic Empowerment

It is widely believed that the private sector is the engine of growth in every country or economy. This usually happens through job or wealth creation. Interestingly, while big businesses contribute their fair quota, much of the economic growth is usually created by the combined productive activities of small businesses. The reason is that big companies may employ more people as individual businesses but small businesses which employ fewer people individually, employ more people cumulatively. Consequently, every society which aims at rapid growth should create the necessary incentives for people (especially the young and unemployed) to start their own small businesses.

Knowing this truth, my government will focus on creating small businesses and supporting the existing ones to become bigger. Of course, an enabling business climate would also be created for the bigger companies to become world class organizations. Some of the ways by which I intend to create mass employment for our unemployed people include aggressive investment in agriculture, fishing, etc. All farmers and fishermen in Rivers State will grow much richer, very quickly, through the creation of an elaborate system which would ensure complete sale of I desire to be the first governor to achieve full employment in his State. All currently unemployed graduates and future graduating Rivers people in particular would be empowered under what shall be known as the Graduate Development Programme (GDP). Non graduates would also be trained in various skills through which they would be supported to earn a decent living.

6. Infrastructural Development

My government will work tirelessly to provide the most basic public services, systems and facilities necessary to enable our people live a life of dignity, as well as boost investment and economic activities. Our vision of infrastructural development covers vital public services such as:

ai??? Electricity/Power supplies

ai??? Provision of clean drinking water

ai??? Road networks

ai??? Transportation, etc.

Particularly, I will give the provision of clean drinking water a high priority because it will reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases amongst our people. I will also work toward ensuring that all roads in our cities are tarred.

7. Sports

All sports men and women have a real reason to celebrate because the best is about to happen to them. As the next Governor of Rivers State, by Godai??i??s grace and with your goodwill and support, my government will provide the greatest boost to sports development in our state. Being a sportsman involved in taekwondo, volleyball, chess and scrabble, and a lover of the other sports, I will actively put a competent team together to do everything possible to move Rivers State to the number one

My government will also explore the use of sports to foster peace and unity, engage energetic youths productively and also create incomes for a wider array of sportmen and women.


I make this humble and passionate appeal to Rivers voters. I may not have the financial muscles of politicians but I have sufficient competence to govern our state and I humbly offer myself to serve you with the fear of God. I am a man with a genuine heart of love, compassion and an unfeigned willingness to lift our people out of poverty and every indignity. By the mercies of God, I have the grace and personal determination not to steal even one naira (N1.00) of our stateai??i??s income through the many smart ploys of governors. Rather, I would deploy ALL our resources in developing our state and empowering our people! While in Government House, I will demonstrate the difference between having politicians in power and having someone who truly fears God.

I am confident that with your courageous support we will overthrow the current evil political system that exploits us. With your determination, we will reject the heartless system that impoverishes us in the midst of plenty. I believe that with your goodwill and desire for genuine change, we will jointly build a Better Society and a Greater Rivers: A state where none would be killed or kidnapped cheaply anymore, a land where no one would ever go unfed again, a home where none would be denied medical treatment for lack of money or excluded from receiving education because of poverty or left perpetually unemployed, etc.

For how long should we suffer before we realize that most politicians have no plan to work for the masses but for themselves? Have politicians not failed us enough? I beg you to try an ordinary man like me this time and see the difference: I promise a Better Society and a Greater Rivers State! I am a common man and like many of you have worked very hard for the little money I have. I certainly do not have great wealth to entice you with immediate gratification in anticipation of your votes. However, when I become our next governor, by the grace of God, I will serve you like no other before me and assure you that I will give greater meaning to your lives and those of your loved ones.

If you would look at my low estate and vote me in as our next governor, I would serve you humbly and fight tirelessly for your Security, Empowerment and Total comfort like no one ever did before me!

Please vote for me.